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Michael Cain Oh no it's bloody not!!!
Oops, only kidding. Who I am really is, Ed Bellamy. I'm a web marketer, dedicated to helping you, help yourself get on the map....
"The www map"
No doubt there'll be thousands of people thinking the same thing as
I did. Who previously couldn't give a XXXX about Internet Marketing and even less about this World Wide Web thing-a-me.
And yet have a burning desire to.....
Take The Plunge......"if only I could afford it and find somebody
who cares enough to wanna help". Well you've found that person.
I can help you: 'Create a web site', 'Start up a home based internet business', start and develop your own online internet marketing eZine/Newsletter for virtually nothing, zilch, nada, not-a-lot and very little know-how. Ok, a smidgen over the top maybe, but what have
you got to lose. It certainly won't be your shirt!

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Make this the start of a new future, your...IDO.
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Girl in welcome pose to home based internet marketing.

Let's Help You Become e'COMPLiSHED.

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