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or... was it three years!  Ah, what the heck.

Ok - I've got your attention!

Do you ever get that feeling when viewing top web sites (those that tell you to come and learn from their web developers or dot com builders to create your fabulous home based internet marketing business or just that simple club web page or ezine/newsletter), that rocket science would be easier? Well I did, and that's why I decided to open this store for web enthusiasts with an IQ of less than 250.

(Oh, by the way, just for fun, I went to the doctors and took an IQ test as well... it came back negative:-) I think that makes me just perfect for this web venture..... lets see if you agree!!!)

So what's the Deal?

There's lots of competition out there with thousands of companies, maybe Millions of companies begging for business, your Home Based Business or Newsletter.

In-other-words, cheap deals or even free deals. Why, because they need you. In fact, some companies will even pay you. Yes! pay you to earn money... doesn't it just get better. Pay2Click.com is just one of many such companies who will pay you to look at advertisements. Others will pay you for placing adverts on your site.

Something else to remember is that this whole business is potentially global. You could, depending on what you're selling and what market you're targeting, sell to all corners of this planet and earn money. Isn't it exciting:-)

The name of the game here for those just starting out and do not have a product or service to offer as their own, is to affiliate to other companies: promote and sell their products. Many people do this and earn a lot of money.

Of course, you need to develop a platform from which to promote these products. That platform will be in the guise of your own web site and an ezine or newsletter.
I have all the information and software to do just that, giving you all the tips and tricks that will teach and guide you through the pitfalls, easing your development into the netty world.

It's cheap but we can't solve everything.

I don't want you to think that I am the be-all and end-all of your money worries, because I'm not. And don't think that I'm going to give you incisive advice about your health or how to increase your life expectancy, because I'm not. In fact, after you've read this, I want you to give me something - some feedback. If you think I'm talking a load of nonsense, put us straight and tell me where I'm going wrong. But remember, as the heading say's, this is "dotBASiC", a web site for beginners with Internet Dreams - and not pipe dreams.

Most people spend too much time worrying about what they're going to do to change or enhance their future. We at 'dotBASiCWorld' know exactly what we're going to do and how to achieve it... and with a little help from us, you can too.

Here we go again!

I know what you're thinking "I've heard it all before". Well, maybe you have but you haven't heard me say it. So... I'm going to keep it straight, fresh and concise:-)

Information Overload!

There's an absolute mountain of information available on the Internet. Every where you go, there's yet another ebook to buy or get for free. And then there's all those sites that want to charge you $15 to $150 per month to get access to a mountain of information that they maintain is the latest and greatest.

Well, I've got to tell you - stop wasting your time! Sure you have to develop your level of knowledge and expertise, and some of these sites are very good. But at some point you actually have to do something or you'll be forever researching and spending, and never actually doing and earning money:-(

You must have your own site first and promote your own site first. And then, and only then - sell other people's products from your site! It's the best way to develop a long term income :-)

Boffin or not a Boffin that is the question?

The first thing to consider is am I an e-complished Web Marketer? If your answer is yes, what are you doing reading this then? If your answer is no, then this is the site for you. My aim is to help the budding web entrepreneur get the bug, start those juices flowing and glide into the world wide web - WWW.

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(If you go to FreeOrEasy you'll find e-books, autoresponders, ad trackers and other web tools to help and assist you).

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