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or... was it three years! Ah, what the heck.

"Anyway, it's nice you're still here - please read on"

The Web is the perfect place to do e-business: its where people go to find answers fast, its where people can buy almost anything they want, it's a place where people can earn money, make high profits and residual income, it provides the technology needed to help customers navigate their way through lots of content, it's open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Arguably, e-business is the biggest and easiest business opportunity in today's marketplace.

Where can I learn?

Of course you can get all this information from tutorial books, magazines, web sites dedicated in specific area's, ebooks and attend local courses, just to mention a few. How do I know? Well that's where I sourced a lot of my information from. But I want to save you the hours, weeks and months of trawling through loads of magazines, books and so called guru web sites, because they cost you money and I'm trying to save you money.

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(If you go to FreeOrEasy you'll find e-books, autoresponders, ad trackers and many web tools to help and assist you).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't buy magazines ever again.....Oh no, the publishers of those great magazines would not like that at all. And there's also a load of web sites out there with a lot of useful information.

No - what I'm saying, is that I've done most of the research for you and will continue to do so. I aim to give you the knowledge and the tools to allow you the best start in
"Home Business Marketing Online" from scratch!

Once you've finished your web masterpiece and you want to build-on and enhance your site and I haven't got the tools you need (highly unlikely), then sure, go to your local mall - supermarket - paper shop - magazine shop - book shop - internet shop - pc shop, any shop (phew:-)) or web site, and buy all that you need.

(In Titbits, there's some useful information on recommended magazines and resources).

Who is the best?

Why pick my site when there are loads of sites doing the same thing?  Well, this is a simple, concise, straightforward site that will allow you to go anywhere. I am not allied to any company. So you get clear, jargon free advice. And you'll definitely get my very best support.

Now - I want this site to be interactive. I want people to talk to me, because I am always learning too. And if we can gain something morally, spiritually, educationally and financially, then lets do it together.

Keep it cheap!

Why pay out all that money, when for not much more than a couple of Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Lira or any other currency, or even FREE, you can have clear, concise instructions from top ebooks, utilities and web tools.

You will have access to programs, designed to get the best possible results and updated information. Many of these programs will give you an unfair advantage over your competition, attracting prospects to your web site and converting them into paying customers.

You could spend years like I did, searching for information, weeding-out the scams and lies, getting absolutely nowhere fast. Or, you could subscribe to my Newsletter completely FREE, and learn how to get a head start with everything you need to know and turn you from a dotbasic beginner, into a dotBASiCWorld Pro. (:-) Do you know I think that rhymed - what a plonker?!! Anyway, don't mind my sense of humor, lets carry on).

Have you ever noticed (well believe me you will), when you surf those sites that tell you that they have all the information you'll ever need to create your fantastic new web site (all completely free and very, very professionally done), seem to be guiding you, very subtly, on a kind of bias towards their software or products they have a vested interest in.
And never turn-out to be freeee:-(

Not only that, there are also pages and pages of information that they want you to digest. It becomes quite mind boggling. By the time you've learnt anything, the next century would have passed you by. With that said, many of these sites can still be worth a visit.

But never fear I am here!

I'll give you just enough information (so as not to disintegrate your brain), for you to do exactly what you want.
And that can be anything from a simple "Hello this is me everybody" to the perfect web site of your dreams.

Don't worry about all those computer languages (not yet anyway), such as Java Script, Flash, asp, php, etc - You really don't need to know them. If your project takes off, you can hire the people who know all about that stuff and get them to do it for you. Oh yes! and maybe even learn it yourself, later. There are many companies on the internet that sell template web pages. These you can re mould into your own theme.

There is a school of thought that say WYSIWYG programs bloat HTML and make downloading much slower. Believe it not. And anyway, there are programs that will reduce HTML to its bare minimum, whether written by WYSIWYG or by hand. Web technologies are becoming so complex, software that does it for you is becoming increasingly more important. And remember, visitors to your site will read your page, not your code.

However, even with that said, I do recommend you attain at least some basic knowledge of HTML. You'll find it very handy if you need to do some simple tweaking of your web pages.

When you decide to create your site, you will need a web authorizing program. Now there are plenty to choose from - many free. Go to Titbits for more info and programs that we suggest. There'll be loads of freebies to come.

NB:Always check your legal rights to use the programs for private and/or commercial use first.

The Road Map!

Now, lets sum up on your road map to future prosperity!

Your aim is to create your own web site.

You should always' promote your web site first, then other programs.

You should have your front page and any other page focused on collecting email addresses - build your list so as to supply ongoing opportunities that will benefit everyone.

You must have a follow-up system in place.
eg: auto responder, to keep in touch with leads/prospects.

You must have great value products or services to offer.

You should have a unique selling proposition. That is, you have something different to offer over anyone else.
Examples: You could have more bonuses, a unique product, its cheaper than anyone else, etc.

OK! You've read the pitch. It's now up to you. Build your site first and give yourself a platform to promote from. Don't think you're on your own though - you're not. Besides me, there's a whole world of helpers out there, just waiting to offer a bountiful of advice and technical support.

So may the net be with you and yours.

Lets hear from you.

Right! last but not least. I keep saying it and I do mean it, lets hear from you.
And remember, this is for dotBASiC entrepreneurs to get you started from scratch, that same place we all were once - till we blossomed into dotBASiCWorld Pro's Winkicon Image AAaahh....

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