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Internet and Web Page Guide.


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Marketing your site is extremely important. There is a multitude of ways in which you can do this, of course for us, this has to be free or cheap but legal. One of the best ways but not always the easiest is to give away freebies that cost you nothing. It can either be stuff you've made and legally own, or it can be stuff acquired from other company's you've been given written permission to use. May be in exchange for a link and a mention of their products.

Ebooks are ideal. Get permision first and then brand them. If you've written them with quality information, so much the better.

People will always be attracted to freebies and return if there's a chance for more, so increasing your traffic.
Remember too, when offering freebies to potential customers, always ask for their e-mail address so you can remind them of updates or new products. But make sure you give them the option to refuse, such as a check box in the order page.

Advertising tricks

Link to other relevant sites, not only will this attract traffic but it will help engines such a Google which use the amount of links pointing to your page as a factor in determine the relevancy of the search results. Whilst a good domain name will raise the profile of your site online, it is important to use it to effect off-line.

Your URL should appear in everything related (or not) to your business, and placed on any literature or correspondence you produce, such as: letter heads, business cards, your own products of course, your car, your house, t-shirts, badges and anything else you can legally stamp it on. Put your URL in your e-mail signature with a tiny explanation of what you are about.

And if you want more, go to they have lots of useful marketing ideas.

See also Web traffic maximiser to help increase your visitors.

If you really want to make serious money, then you'll really have to spend serious money on marketing and promotion. There is a cheaper way, but remember, the more you put in the more you get out.

Do deals with complementary sites, allowing them to put links on your page in return for putting a link on theirs.
Big sites charge big money for adverts, but there are a lot of big desperate sites out there doing cheap deals.

Email web masters, join link exchanges, and advertise free on Banner Networks. Try companies like, companies you can affiliate too. They will pay a commission if anyone buys anything after being referred from your site.

See if there are any news groups that deal in the same things as you. Visit and join a hotmail style free email service for visitors to your site. Not only do you get lots of visits but also your site signature is attached to every out-going email.
If appropriate, set up an IRC channel to discuss related topics. You might create a loyal following. Hold them once a week or monthly.

Give away a free gift, software with a logo and URL, money off voucher or cuddly toy. Put the site up for awards,
or or etc, etc.

Talk to your customers. Keep them updated about your site with special offers, new products and new services. Contact magazines and newspapers, email them with press releases or phone calls (Relevant stuff only).

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